Leo and me

Now that I have shamelessly begged all my friends to read my *!#@*!! blog, I suppose it is time to hone in on my focus. Trouble is, I am interested in many, many things, and have always had difficulty determining just what I should be an expert in.

Should I blog on dreadlock maintenance? Or my deep and abiding love for my flock of backyard chickens? My kids are really out of the question, since they are officially young adults and who wants to be an expert on all that angst and rap music?

I am a Master Gardener, but so are a whole slew of other people. Can’t claim to be an expert belly dancer, as I still have several muscle groups that refuse to obey my commands. And I certainly wouldn’t even pretend to have any sage advice about writing, even though I am practically drowning in unpublished novels.

In the past, I have gloried in beading, mural painting and facilitating high school/college bible studies. I’ve taught ballet and deeply appreciate a fine sparkling wine. I forget how old I am regularly, but I doubt that’s anything to blog about.

With a closet full of Elizabethan and Tudor attire and a Glinda the Good costume on my sewing mannequin, I might ramble about historical costume. The fact that I can say ‘beer’ and ‘restroom’ in at least seven languages is pretty awesome. Or I could report on my daily battle with rent-house cave crickets.

As I sit here, staring at this screen, backpacking, genealogical research, and patchouli have all flittered through the space between my ears. And travel…my absolute fave pastime of all, pops up, making me yearn for frequent flyer miles and sturdy shoes.

To tell the truth, Leonardo da Vinci and I are quite alike, other than the fact that he understood the importance of keeping one’s brain from leaping about like a competitive pogo-sticker. You know, the man never married or had children, conditions I secretly believe contribute to lack of concentration, so he definitely had an advantage. Who knows what I might have become had I led the life of a celibate hermit?

How does one narrow the possibilities? Should I even want to?

About Vic Cobb Fountain

Empowered Stroke survivor: appreciating where I've been, anticipating where I'm going.
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