celebrating non-events


As I inch toward recovery every day, I notice things that once happened regularly no longer interrupt my smooth moves< GRIN> to remind me of the early days.

Probably the most socially relevant of these non-occurrences is drooling. For a while I drooled a lot. Apparently strokes regularly affect one’s automatic swallowing reflex. Combine that with lack of feeling on one side of the mouth and chin and drooling becomes an issue.

The most freak-worthy episode that no longer occurs is “losing my arm” Sometimes, especially at night I would roll over on my side and Lida, my little dead arm would fall back behind me. Having no ability to move it, I had to just leave it lying back there in that irretrievable, uncomfortable position until a nurse or someone lifted it up and placed it it where I could reach it.

In that same vein, were the times I would attempt to sit up and realize I was sitting on Lida’s hand. My arm, like an anchor rope prevented forward movement. That arm caused me much anxiety. Now I have some control of my shoulder and the top part of my arm. So these things don’t happen anymore.

Walking is still an all-consuming activity. I am committed to no more close encounters with the floor or ground and that commitment requires concentration.

I must be ever vigilant, because occasionally my left foot behaved as though it were wearing an iron shoe and suddenly the world’s magnet flipped on. My foot would refuse to move from the floor and I’d essentially be stuck in one spot for several seconds. Unfortunately the top part of my body sometimes stayed in motion resulting in near tumbles.

I’m certain there are many other things that no longer plague me. I never know when to celebrate the cessation of any mental or physical wackiness. I suppose, all of these things could happen again. But as of today I celebrate that these few things no longer occur with regularity. Knucks for no drool!

About Vic Cobb Fountain

Empowered Stroke survivor: appreciating where I've been, anticipating where I'm going.
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3 Responses to celebrating non-events

  1. yes, celebrate the little things. they matter. love the pic!

  2. You are an incredibly strong person. I’m so proud of you for your strength and sharing the realities for others. We miss you in the writers’ group. Come back soon.

  3. Marta Szwaya says:

    Vic, I am 3+ years post strokeI no longer drool either, and now my arm is better behaved, I can’t fling it ovr my side yet, but I don’t lose it ant more…more non-accomplishments to come as we continue to move forward…not many people get why we’re so pleased with these seemingly minor improvements, but all signifies a healing brain! Marta

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