25th Wedding Anniversary!

2525 years ago today Jack Fountain and I got married. Yep, it’s our silver anniversary!

Of course, Jack always says we’ve been married 2500 years. The past two years very well may seem like 2000 years to Jack, who has endured my stroke recovery with patience and positivity; Always willing to do whatever is necessary to keep me comfortable.

We were quite the jet-setting couple 25 years ago. Our first trip together was a week in Kauai with my sister and her husband Chuck, Jack’s best friend. We basked on beaches, hiked through rain forests, drank papaya coladas for lunch. And ate sushi at a combination sushi restaurant/jewelry store. It was there that Jack bought my engagement ring. A one karat oval ruby set in white gold flanked by diamond baguettes. A year later we were a married couple thinking about starting a family. The jet setting slowed down a little.

The best advice I can give to young people starting out is: first of all know yourself and be comfortable with yourself before you begin a serious relationship. Then find someone you don’t want to change. I know there are always little things we’d like to tweak about our partners. Tweaking and changing are two totally different things. Find someone who shares many of your interests. Participate in things you enjoy together. Meld your lives while keeping your individuality.

Jack and I have had 27 years to get to know each other. Somebody told us the other day that we are cute couple. That remark made me feel like a doddering little old geezer arm in arm with her doddering old geezer husband.

I guess that’s what happens after 25 years togetherness At least we are geezing and doddering together.

About Vic Cobb Fountain

Empowered Stroke survivor: appreciating where I've been, anticipating where I'm going.
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2 Responses to 25th Wedding Anniversary!

  1. Lots of older married couples don’t even look at each other much less talk to each other when they eat out. If someone thinks you and Jack are a cute couple I’d take that as a compliment. Congratulations on your 25 anniversary.

  2. Thanks, Rebecca.We are a young acting “older couple”.

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