Julie Andrews vs. Earworms

julie andrewsI ‘ve had a hankering to write a post thanking Julie Andrews for some time. I’ve broached the subject of earworms previously. You know, the songs that lodge themselves in the ever playing jam box in my brain. This phenomenon has always been a problem for me. The offending songs are always tunes I dislike. I’m not sure if I dislike the songs simply for their predictable melodies or if I grow to hate them once they’ve anchored themselves in my head. Even early in my recovery, my damaged brain came up with some surprisingly effective defense mechanisms. While I was still in the rehabilitation hospital, I enlisted Julie Andrews as my champion in this battle

So when the reggae song “Red Red Wine” byUB40 is on rotation in my noggin, my defense is Julie Andrew’s version of “My Favorite Things”. I find it impossible to dislike this charming song, for I ,too, love raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with string(which granted, you never see anymore.) But I can change that last bit to brown cardboard boxes from Amazon.

Thank you, Julie Andrews. And Rogers and Hammerstein for saving me from perpetual bombardment by earworms. My sanity and good natured attitude is supported by your collective musical talents and quaint subject matter. You have soothed my brittle, haywire psyche daily for almost 2 years.

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Empowered Stroke survivor: appreciating where I've been, anticipating where I'm going.
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4 Responses to Julie Andrews vs. Earworms

  1. In the first week of my recovery, my sister excitedly told me that “The Sound of Music” would be on TV later that evening. We watched until I started to fall asleep–about 45 minutes later. But I remember being mesmerized by Julie Andrews that evening. A good memory in a place–a hospital–where I don’t usually like to be.

  2. How ironic I found this post today! All day I have had an earworm: “My Favorite Things”. I cannot begin to recall when the last time was I heard that song! Even my daughters were singing about brown paper packages tied up with string by late morning. I don’t even know how I knew the words to the song! So interesting that I read this now. 🙂 Have a great day.

  3. toni balogna says:

    this is your most well written piece to date. just a lovely piece of work. my earworms are always gospel tunes, Proud Mary and Teenage Dream!

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