A Good Question & A Contest

rachel briceA brave new acquaintance asked me, “What is the one activity you miss most post-stroke?”

My first answer was driving, but the more I thought about it, old favorite activities began elbowing for first place.

Bellydancing, backpacking, sewing Renaissance gowns, cutting my own meat, and climbing ladders all leapt to mind, as well as clipping my own fingernails and opening child-proof caps.

Who ever gives a thought to cutting their own food after the age of about 8? Well, be thankful that you can. Having Jack cut my steak into a jillion pieces before I eat, sort of diminishes a fancy dining experience. Once an adorable waiter crouched beside me and whispered, “I cut my girlfriend’s meat all the time.” Sweet!

If you’d like to experience my world just hold something in your non-dominant hand and go about your business. You need to be doing something a bit more physical than watching TV. How many seconds pass before you have the impulse to lay the thing down? Let’s make it a contest! Who made it for more than a minute? Anyone make it for 5? Let me know how you make out. Woo-hoo! The challenge is on.

About Vic Cobb Fountain

Empowered Stroke survivor: appreciating where I've been, anticipating where I'm going.
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3 Responses to A Good Question & A Contest

  1. I’m getting better at cutting my meat. Usually I get tired after three pieces, and my husband cuts the rest. But he cuts things into pieces suitable for a three-year-old. Grrr.

  2. Marta Szwaya says:

    Vic, my husband too cuts my steak ; he’s sweet about it, but it makes me crazy to have him do it. I was always highly right hand dominant so my left hand was never very clever. So i am very lucky to have my right hand ability. My left hand was a good helper though, so i miss that. I believe in myself and my ability to heal further. Patience is not my strong suit though. M

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