My 4th life began yesterday

My third life ended with screeching tires crumpling metal and shattering glass. No one should have walked away.

By the grace of God everybody did.

Life number one debuted just like every other human: My birthday. My second life commenced with surviving the rupture of a brain aneurysm. Life number three opened with a half-paralyzed body following the stroke which occurred during surgery to repair the aneurysm.

Flirtation with death seems to be an unconscious hobby. Today, in the words of my outspoken daughter: “birds up” to Death! I can only say it of course, since Lida is incapable of flipping the bird.

After the accident my husband, Jack, pointed out the number of lives I have used up. Miraculously, I’ve been spared again. In the infancy of life number four, I ponder the reason for these gifts.

I learn most lessons the very hard way. The lesson of the accident is:

Stroke survivors must listen to their bodies. I was far too tired for driving, but forged on despite considering handing the wheel over to Jack. It was a potentially deadly mistake.

If you, like me, are a stroke survivor, please don’t make the same error. Pay close attention to your body and always err on the side of caution. My fourth life could very well have begun with the end of someone’s only life.

I am compelled to apologize to the world for this devastating misjudgement. I humbly submit my apology here and vow to keep the emotion I experienced immediately after the accident alive to remind me; pushing myself one step too far could be disastrous.

Stay safe, drive safe and rest easy in the knowledge that I am not driving at all right now.

Climbing behind the wheel of a vehicle may take a very long time. Many more short, easy, slow lessons in regaining my driving sense.

When you pull up behind o a driver who hesitates longer than you’d like, please be patient. It will result in safer streets. There are 7 million stroke survivors in America. We must take things slowly for your safety as well as our own.

About Vic Cobb Fountain

Empowered Stroke survivor: appreciating where I've been, anticipating where I'm going.
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6 Responses to My 4th life began yesterday

  1. Marta Szwaya says:

    Vic, thank goodness you are fine. we women of a certain amount of life experience, who have taken care of others for a lifetimemay feel too much that we have to be all back, too soon. i haven’t gone back to driving yet and its been almost four years…many days I feel like a slacker for sure. stay well, take care, try not to rush. Best, Marta

  2. Anonymous says:

    Vic, thanks for sharing all your lives w/the Crumby family who loves you and looks up to you. Glad you are okay – I am coming to see you soon.

  3. sudanfaces says:

    WOW! Vic, you do live charmed lives. I was shocked to read this. Looks like yours was the only car. And you and Jack are OK? You are here for a purpose.

  4. Denton Gay says:

    omg, did your driving instructor let you down? Hope you’ll let me know what happened. Also hope you and Jack are not injured.

  5. barbpolan says:

    five to go, right? Meow.

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