St. Francis, distracted

MM - St Francis of Assisi 24x14 $650My past few posts have been toot, toot, toot my horn posts.

This one however, if accompanied by a sound effect would be paired with the “bankrupt” sound from Wheel of Fortune

Uh-oh – another close encounter with the ground.

Yes, I fell down went boom.

Jack and I worked together on the driveway to repot a plant which had begun to droop like a chastised child. It needed help. And soon.

Scooping potting mix between the root ball and the new pot,  I stumbled a little, frustration reared its ugly head, my chin probably quivered, tears threatened.

I whined,” I too tired to do this.” The ess  sound hadn’t completely left my mouth  before I toppled.

Jack grabbed my hand just before my head thwhacked into our Statue of St. Francis.

I wallowed in sharp gravel trying to get too my knees. Jack laid an old moving blanket  beside me to protect my skin as I clambered up.

Once on my feet I glared at  the Saint.

I’m an animal too, Francis!

Guess he was busy with all the hens, the cats, the squirrels, the song birds, chipmunks and skinks.

If his disregard for me saved any critter. Falling was worth it.

I’m the responsible party here, even if I’m the busiest unemployed person I know. I must learn to slow down and rest at the first inkling of fatigue.

I am learning to take breaks especially when I’m home alone. It’s hard but who’s going to tend the fountain Farm if I’m broken?


About Vic Cobb Fountain

Empowered Stroke survivor: appreciating where I've been, anticipating where I'm going.
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