Annoyingly Numb

glasses-crookedMany stroke survivors experience numbness on their affected side.

My post-stroke numbness is bizarre, in that, internal nerve -generated pain is the only sensation I feel in my left hand.

This results in embarrassing situations my family has aptly named, “crotch knocking”. Lida (little dead arm) sometimes encounters another person’s body without bothering to register the contact with my brain. It happens a lot in crowds.

My left foot and ankle are also relatively numb, however, the sole of my foot usually feels as though it is on fire from within.

Numb plus extremely painful: a strange combo.

In the garden, this numbness combined with coils of water hose can easily equal a close encounter with the ground from unknowingly dragging the hose along with my foot.

My left ear remains completely numb. Luckily there is no associated pain. The problem here is: my glasses. The earpiece has a 50-50 chance of ending up in my ear rather than over it, resulting in glasses that are crooked and wonky in relation to my eyes and a world in half-focus.

To compensate for this loss of sensation I use sight and sound to pay closer attention to what I am doing.

Despite all these little lingering annoyances, I am capable of pretty much whatever I decide to do, except driving.

I’m confident I’ll get behind the wheel again in time.

About Vic Cobb Fountain

Empowered Stroke survivor: appreciating where I've been, anticipating where I'm going.
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6 Responses to Annoyingly Numb

  1. Marta Szwaya says:

    Interestingly enough I have no numbness at all, just a lack of function. My left arm has full sensation and recently i started feeling my left toes individually. For a long while i didn’t know I still had left toes. Actually this past summer I started having a sense of where my hands and feet were in space – a return of proprioception.As my brain continues to heal although at a glacial rate, new things return to me. The coming year should be interesting.I expect to continue to progress going forward. I haven’t let it stop me so far. I work at running my business , I do housework., I am social. And I too expect to return to driving in the future. Let’s keep each other posted on progress towards that goal. Marta

  2. I love the photo!

    My daughter has started to adjust my glasses whenever she sees them askew, although then I freak out because her hand gets too close to my face–I misjudge distances to my right side. Sigh. But at least she is amused, for now.

    I often think that the lack of sensation after my stroke feels different than numbness from, say, novicaine. It seems like a interesting philosophical question.

  3. it almost sounds like the sensation when your limbs have fallen asleep and are partially regaining circulation. if that’s the case, t’d be even klutzier than i am now. to experience that all the time would be quite an obstacle to overcome. driving is a huge goal. keep your eyes on the prize, vic.

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