TwistMyArmSometimes, I catch myself charging through the day like a one-armed Wonder Woman.

Except, I sort of forget about the one-armed part. And the stroke= easily exhausted part.

Since early spring, I’ve started every morning with this gung-ho attitude.

It’s August, “Uncle!”

My family, the Cobbs, have always been prone to driven, single-minded focus. My dad was the king of obsessive problem-solving. The quest often took over his life.

I do it.

My son shows definite signs.

My sister is worse.

Every day since it got hot, I have been in the garden by 7 o’clock planting, harvesting, and watering, while singing tunes from the musicals ‘Oklahoma!’ and ‘The Sound of Music’ in my tone-deaf, screechy voice. Enjoying myself. Mostly.

By 9 o’clock the heat cranks up. I load my wagon with more cucumbers and tomatoes than any family could possibly consume. I fill jelly jars with bouquets of zinnias, sunflowers and attractive weeds. By this time I’m usually stumbling a bit.

Pulling my load toward the house, my left foot drags across the gravel too spent for proper steps. I mutter to myself, “You should have quit much earlier, Vic.”

On the front deck, cold well-water refreshes memomentarily when I hose off my muddy feet and sandals.

My upright arrival at the house is always a blessing.

Another small triumph. This one tinged with that wrung- out exhaustion of body and spirit that accompanies over-exertion

Luckily, I can usually take a nap or sit down and read as long as I want, putting off other activity until after naptime.

Jack and I have decided to take a break from the local farmers market for at least a few weeks so I can chill- out.

Even Wonder Woman needs to go to the island once in a while.

About Vic Cobb Fountain

Empowered Stroke survivor: appreciating where I've been, anticipating where I'm going.
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3 Responses to “Uncle!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Vic you are my Wonder Woman and Randy and I are so very blessed to have been visiting you regularly this summer and look forward to seeing you Thursday. Let us bring dinner to you this time. Love you!!!

  2. Katie Crumby says:

    I am not anonymous, just slow 🙂 Katie

  3. This post is amazing on so many levels. Being driven helps stroke survivors stay out of long-term care facilities. Feeling gratitude for what I have accomplished has been key to my recovery. Doing activities I enjoy has helped me stay motivated.

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