good job idiotThis post doesn’t really have anything to do with stroke recovery, except that it’s an excellent exercise in thought organization.

Lately, when I pray, I catch myself saying, “Oh, God, please look after that idiot, “So-and-so”. Does the name-calling diminish the validity of the sentiment? I don’t know. Not on my end, it doesn’t. Idiots by definition require exponentially more attention from God than, um….saints and other thinking people.

I guess it’s an admission that I am asking a lot and I know it.

As if God needs a heads-up.

Prayer, for me is a metronomic activity. Sort of like breathing, but with more frequent time-outs. So far, breathing remains a full time deal.

Prayer pops out in sputters and sighs, randomly throughout my days.



And sudden concerns, like when the hospital helicopter flies over the garden, I ask for tranquility and compassion for the crew; bravery and healing for the patient and family. I know the anguish of a loved one being whisked into a chopper. Scary. Scary as hell.


On everyday occasions when people around me do careless, selfish things. I ask God to be with them and teach them about love. These occasions sometimes populate my day like gnats on a steamy summer day.

On those days of busy petitioning, I find it helpful to consider Mark Twain’s quote:

“Man was made at the end of the week’s work,

when God was tired.”


I try to balance my pleas with thanksgivings:

Thanks for that breath of crisp autumn air.

Thanks for my ultra-incredible family.

Thanks for that little green sprout.

Thanks for that soulful voice.



About Vic Cobb Fountain

Empowered Stroke survivor: appreciating where I've been, anticipating where I'm going.
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1 Response to Name-calling

  1. Glenda Burkham says:

    Vic, enjoyed your thoughts…and yes, I call names too, I pray in spurts and I am thankful God is listening when I call out in despair or just to acknowledge His goodness. Take care!

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