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Maybe I should just grow some new ones

It has taken five years to understand a few things about the “new” me. The sole of my left foot is numb 99% of the time, meaning I can’t feel the ground beneath my foot which= HAZARD!  The other 1% … Continue reading

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Just call me Peg-Leg

Today while zooming around the interior of the largely vacant Frisco Station Mall, I pondered the bounciness of my gait. Mall walking. Omigod. I know. Who’da thought? Zooming might be an exaggeration, I actually sort of lurch like a person … Continue reading

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Creativity + Determination = Success

When my kids were little I discouraged the use of word can’t, it is after all, a four letter word. Probably the most debilitating word in the English language. The two words I can’t are responsible for a multitude of … Continue reading

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Vacuum Attack

There are some things a person should know NOT TO DO. Especially a college educated person, someone with the most liberal of liberal arts degree. Someone who has lived 55 years and has the use of only one hand, which … Continue reading

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Learning the hard way: Use it or Lose it.

I know, you’ve heard it before: “Use it or lose it.” I joined the Lumosity program of online brain training in 2012, a year and a half after brain surgery. Like many things, my early commitment was gung-ho. Then, springtime … Continue reading

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World Stroke Day 2014

Originally posted on FindingStrengthToStandAgain's Blog:
Today is World Stroke Day. On this day, we hope the voice of stroke education will grow even louder. Strokes can attack any person without notice. Everyone needs to be aware of the statistics…

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Remembering to Rejoice

A few days ago, I caught myself whining internally about walking to the mailbox. For most people, that simply involves walking down a short, level, paved, surface. The driveway to the Fountain house is little more than a parallel set … Continue reading

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